Welcome to the fight over the unicorn girl, Lady Miako *RPG*
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Welcome To the Unicorn Love World.
From Evil's Dark and ice cold, here comes forth a dragon; heat of blue, to challenge from ask of fire bright twice born a phoenix prepared to fight. Betwhere this mortal combat's pair follow the fight to enter my lair.

((Dont Click on the dragon and phoenix pic until after you join!!! The link will take you to the RPG site!))

Site Started 11/4/00

Wait for the dragons fight to be over not. You are trying to end the battle between good and evil.
Also, go to message boardz and u will see join in the page. Click on the link under it. Go to the bottom of the page that comes up and fill out the form! Remember. Im not done the site. I still got fantasy cards, adoption centers, chat rooms, doctors, evil, races, archery, amulet fighters, palaces, castles, waterfalls, caves, shops, ring holders,the unicrystal bank, clues to get things,uni fields, societies AND MORE!
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Please, dont forget the battle between the dragon and phoenix fighting for Lady Miako's life. Beware the doom if you do not return.
To join go to Message Boardz and
under "Join" You will see a link.
Click on that link and leave -
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Thanx For coming!

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