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Once you read "About UnicornLove" you come here and pick what type of character you wanna be. You could pick on here, make one up, or use something that there already is but isnt here. If you do have any ideas for anythig new, type them up in the same form that im using and send them to me at You will get 4 unicrystals each new character you type up. (unicrystals = money on rpg)

Ice- Dragons with bodies of ice. Instead of
breathing flames they breathe ice! MOST
OF THE TIME they live in caves or mts
of snow and ice.

Fire- Dragons of heat and flame that live in
caves, volcanoes, and mts. They Throw

Electric- Dragons that collect electricity.
It runs through their whole body.
They live in tunnels under
Electricity Fields.

Water- Dragons that live in large bodies of
water. Water pressure is their way of
fighting. Webbed feet, claws, and ears
help them move along. They have gills
for under water and noses for out of

Flower- Dragons that fight by throwing rose
thorns. They live in flower beds.
Their bodies change size. As small as
a bee when in their home and large as
2 trees when fighting! Wreathes of
flowers around their body tames them.

Hydra- A three headed dragon that grows heads
back as they are chopped off. Lives in
caves and tunnels.

I dont know who made this one.. but whoever did, this image is not mine.
White- A unicorn of a white color. The stone
on its head or its horn and hooves
signify its power. They live in herds
in large valleys.

Rainbow- Unicorns of all colors. They can
transform into anything. Its horn
and hooves are sparkling diamonds.
They live inside of rainbows. Their
keepers are leprechauns. They take
care of these wonderous creatures.

Mixtures- Put it up on the message board
and we will try to figure you

OtherColors- Your color is your power.
Light Blue- healing
Gold- Protection,defense
Red- Love (helpers of cupid)
Green- Herbs, growth

Flower- Little faeries of houses made of
flowers. Whole flower cities
can be made! They are about 5
millimeters big with long long hair,
(even males)with flowers flowing
through it. They are good fighters
with still unknown powers.

Love- One inch faeries with love full in
their hearts. They try to bring
people together and bring peace to
the world. They are also helpers of