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About Unicorn Love
Unicorn love is about a girl named Miako CrystalStar. She is a unicorn/ demon girl with the girl of the goddess silverpaw, the princess of the unicorns, the daughter of the high demon, the wings and immortality of an angel that saved miako's life giving up her own power (from miako's own father), and the clan owner of the centaurs. The phoenix is the father of Miako's child soon to be born. The devil is trying to get his hands on her daughter. He sends the ice blue dragon to find miako and kill her. And as you will find out, the dragon IS the father of Miako. He killed his own wife, kiaranomesess, the queen of the unicorns. And as the story goes, Miako runs away from her princess duty giving it to her younger sister, Kaeldra. She runs for her life to find the goddess Silverpaw. The high goddess other than Jemini, and Gabriel.
Along with her is an elf called Jessica and 2 faeries. Amanda and CiCi. You job is eather to kill her. Or save her life and make sure her child, Ucana is brought to this world. The world of the unicorn love, Lovetress.

Evils Plot
Miako needs to die. Her child is ours. With her power we WILL me able to control lovestress. Jemini the goddess of water, Silverpaw the goddess of wind, and the Gabriel goddess of fire, are in our way. The new born child ucana is said to be the last element. Earth. She will control everything. We must get that child.

The devil

Goods Plot
Ucana is the goddess of earth. She will be our ruler. She cant be against us. She has a good mother. We cant let any hard come to her. Evil wont get her even if we 3 goddess have to surrender our lives. Surrender our immortality. Become Human. Then die. She is that big to us. She is earth. She mustn't be hurt.

The 3 goddess

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